"The pursuers are nothing if not persistent. You've barely settled down for the night in some nearby caves when your sentries hurry to inform you that enemy forces have been spotted!"

Dripping Caverns

Dripping Caverns is a dungeon which is unlockable at level 10. Its drops are St. Lucia shards, Archer Captain shards, Copper and Magic Shard. It requires 10 stamina in total. The AI will have Infantry.

Its elite counterpart unlocks at level 25 and requires 20 stamina. It drops whole epic cards randomly, rather

Dripping Caverns(Elite)

than just shards, though Archer Captain and St. Lucia shards still drop though there may sometimes be duplicates of them. It drops 32 Gold and Iron in replacement of Copper. The AI will have Centurion, Head Nurse and Captain Lucius.

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