• Jsano

    Hi there

    July 5, 2015 by Jsano

    I recently enabled achievements. I don't know why it wasn't earlier.

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  • Yumyum36

    So the devs of the game updated the game with a bunch of content without actually putting it in the patch notes. Here's what I have so far:

    • Free claiming Of Silver Packs every 14 hours
    • Corresponding devotion quest changed from opening 1 to 2 a day(you now get a free one, makes sense), but some devotion it gave was shifted over to the campaigns devotion quest
    • Campaign devotion quest now requires you to play SIX campaign missions rather than previously 3, gives more devotion
    • They now show in campaigns what the first clear rewards are for each level by clicking in top left
    • Mystery Chest has a timer and can be opened more than once a day, now can be opened when timer hits 0, timer increase by 10 minutes each time it’s opened, likely resets everyday…
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  • Yumyum36

    Hey, Jsano and Novhakin(Hello and welcome to the wikia! Mind if I use that table later to update dwarves and elves and things?), I probaly linked you here, but what do you think we should do about the front page. Most other wikias have a news or projects. Should we(by that I mean mostly me with helpful suggestions :P) add a how-to and tasks to do on the front page?

    I'm thinking how-to would just be explaining where we get information from and basic editing(look at the source code!) and the tasks would be stuff we're doing now(make sure all the card pages are decent, fix all the red links on the front page, etc.)

    Any thoughts on this?

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